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My Personal View on Beauty

Hi all, how's it going?

I'm 22 and have learnt about a lot everything- body, diet, fashion and beauty. I wasn't into beauty as a teenager and I didn't start wearing make-up until I was 16-17. As I got older I became more interested in trying out beauty products and looks.

First make up product:
My first make up product was a Lauren Anne face powder I bought from a women's expo. I remember how I put it on using the big face brush.

First time having professional make up done:
The first time I got my make up done I believe was my 12 year ball. I remember asking the make up artist what were good beauty products to use and she said "whatever works for you".

That is the best piece of advice I think of when looking at beauty.
First lipstick:
My mum has always worn lipstick, I wear lipstick which I prefer over lip gloss. My first lipstick was a skin tone Revlon lipstick. I still have it along with a small collection of lipstick I have made over the last couple of y…

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