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A Dress For Summer

Hi, how's it going?
I have come to realised that I actually enjoy wearing a dress during summer. I believe having a go-to dress to wear is just simple and easy. It doesn't need to be a super expensive one I reckon you get one anywhere. 

I found this dressat a local surf shop whilst I was looking at bikinis. Mum and I both noticed and encourage me to try it on-completely opposite to what we were doing..

I love the v-neck line and the zip zag cross detail of the dress. It's also flowy with a zip on the side so it's give my waist shape. 

I wear my dress for summer with any pairs of shoes-sneakers, sandals, thongs or heels. This dress is one of my go-tos for needing a laid back casual dress for day time 
What your dress for summer? 
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