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Why I Love Polaroids.

Hi, how's it going

I love polaroids! I started taking them a few years ago after being inspired by Taylor Swift's 1989  album artwork with the polaroid's.  

When I first got my camera I would take polaroids before night's out with my friends and blu track them on my wardrobe door and created a polaroid photo wall on my wardrobe door. My reasons why I love them are:   

Take it Everywhere: I have a cute yellow polaroid travel bag I bought so I can take my camera with me. I try to take it everywhere with me for trips and gathering's, during one Christmas I took many polaroids.

A New Hobbie:  Learning to use a polaroid camera has become a new hobbie of mine which I enjoy. I have learnt to take selfies and figure out the light and dark settings for the photos. 

One Single Photo: When you take a polaroid you have to quickly shake it and hide it in a dark place (handbag or back pocket is fine) and wait for the picture to develop. It's makes one single copy and if you lose it,…

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