Slip & Bomber

 Hi how’s it going?

I recently had a thought about my black slip dress and wearing it with my favourite jacket which is my green bomber jacket. I rarely wear my bomber jacket when I go out at night only my leather jacket. I pair this outfit with my white sneakers to make it casual and comfortable. This is the outfit to wear if you want to feel a mix of edge, warm and comfort. 



What do you think of the slip and bomber outfit combo? 

 Love Jordyn x


Late To White Shirt Party

Hi how’s it going?

Over the last year I have been wearing my white shirt constantly more in previous years. 
My sister gave me her Dotti white shirt while she was clearing out her wardrobe. I wore it for the first time with my black shorts and instantly love it. 

The white shirt is a great staple in a wardrobe and my reasons are is that it’s slick, simple and affordable. 
White is a simple and bold colour because it’s goes with everything.  I wear my shirt with shorts or jeans. 

Do you love a white shirt? Let me know!
Love Jordyn x


What I'm Doing in 2021

 Hi, how’s it going?

January always goes quickly. I have been thinking about what I want to do this year. After last year I had zero motivation to do anything. This year I feel different and motivated. I feel it’s now or never with my blog. 

Focus on blogging:
Last year I was thinking I could have done more blogging as there wasn’t much going on yet I didn’t. I came to the realisation that I need to do it now or let it go. I updated my blog template with pipdig recently and will be organising a content calendar. I have to be more organised because I believe not being organised is my problem. 


Pilates & Walking:

I'm so un-flexible. I can’t sit cross legged for more than five minutes.I was going to reformer pilates at the start of last year and stopped when it was shut down. I want to do that once a week along with walking just to mixed it up break from my weight training and gym classes. 

Saving Money:

Last year I bought many clothes that I rarely got to wear because my social life was rare. I decided I need to stop buying clothes for a period of time to save money. I have many and my closet is just growing out. I feel we all had the temptation of purchasing clothes to support the economy. 


What are you doing this year?

Love Jordyn x 


A Make Up Lesson

Hi how’s it going?
I will call myself a rookie with make-up. I asked for a foundation for my birthday last year my twin sister gave me a make-up lesson voucher at Mecca. 
I thought it was a great gift and I waited a few months when I had a night out with my friends to use it because I didn’t want to waste an hour or two of wearing make up and taking it off. 

When I arrived for my lesson I was seated in the make-up chair with sparkling water and waited for the make-up artist to arrive. 
She was lovely and we chatted about what I would like to learn.  I said three things- natural eyeshadow, lip application and finding a proper foundation.  
She went through the make-up look step by step that began with skincare, make up and setting spray. She showed me how to apply the make up on one side of my face and then I would do the other side. 

She wrote down every product she used in a pamphlet for me to take home in their iconic pink bag with my make-up goodies. 
If you haven’t been to Mecca before after your appointment you receive the money you spent back on the make-up products you can pick that were used. I took home a Mac setting spray, Mecca Max concealer, Nars sheer glow foundation and velvet red lipstick.   

After my make-up lesson I had become more excited and intrigued to experimented with make up. I realised that if you not sure it's actually a great idea to get a make up lesson. The plus side Mecca customer service is fantastic so don't be afraid to ask them questions or advice. 

Have you done a make up lesson? I'll will love to know :)
Love Jordyn x
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The Year of 2019

Hi, how's it going?

2019 I felt started off good with work and social life. I find the best plans are the ones that are not planned and I didn’t have plans to travel overseas until my sister invited me to Canada.

The next thing you know I was booking flights to Vancouver to see my sister at the travel agent with my other sister. 

Work was going well until I was told that I had to look for a full-time job. My first thought was fuck and here we go again because I hate looking for jobs. I decided to apply for Christmas casual job for extra money. Any way I move onto the positive.

My workmate invited me to a high tea and it started our monthly girl’s day. It’s a day once a month where we go out for a day and spent just girl time. We each take turns planning what we do and that could be brunch, high tea etc. Our days have gone into the night.

My Canada trip came around and I went to Vancouver for the first time visit my sister and her fiancĂ©. I loved everything about the place food, fashion and wildlife. It was summertime and we spent majority of the trip hiking, biking, walking and camping. I would say it was the most active holiday I have ever had. 

My friendships with my friends were good but with my closet friend it was the opposite. I believe everything was good until I realized my close friend and I had gown apart. Our Melbourne trip was the reality check I needed and saw the sad truth. We have both agreed that we had grown apart. 

Health and fitness wise I decided to stop playing netball because I honestly didn’t enjoy it anymore. I started the year with summer hit class at my gym that I enjoy and we started doing new exercises to mixed it up which I love doing. I continued with my weight training sessions and Saturday gym class.

I would say 2019 was  a year of learning and realising who my friends were. It made me realized that I need to work on a couple of things in the new year.

How was your 2019? Let me know!

Love Jordyn x

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