10 Ways To Save Money

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I’m going to be honest with you I spend majority of my money on clothes and I have come to realise I have impulse spending habit.

When I didn’t have a job I would be out and buying new clothes for no reason. I feel it would of been to make me feel better (it's what my mum said). It’s a habit I need to break.

It wasn't until after the boxing day sales I wrote down the everything I bought and the total was $$$. 

That was my wake up call and I decided I'm going to save more money this year. I learnt from myself, friends and family on ways they save money.

Here are some ways/tips I use to save:  
  1. Collect 50c coins.  
  2. Make a budget using Microsoft excel.
  3. Write down  what you spend in a week. 
  4. Write a list of your needs and wants. Example needs will be  groceries, petrol, rent, etc. Wants are clothes, tickets, make up etc.
  5. Buy clothes during sales. 
  6. Limited the amount of takeaway coffees and meals you buy.
  7. Get a second job- babysitting, café work etc.
  8. Pre plan and estimate how much you will spend on your night out. 
  9. Save every second paycheck you receive. 
  10. Find shops that sell your skincare and other beauty products at a lower price. 
I think it's also important to not feel bad if you go through a week of spending money. Life happens when it's a birthday or special occasion it's obvious you will spend money. 

What are your ways or tips in saving money?

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  1. Great tips!


  2. One of the ways I save is when I want to make a large impulse buy, like a new recliner, I incrementally save the money to pay cash. Often within a week or two I realize that object isn't important and I move on. Or I save to pay cash and never put anything on a credit card.

    1. More tips the better! I try to pay things with cash just in case anything goes wrong with the credit card! Thank you!


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