10 Facts About Me

Hi, how's it going?

I have had this blog for awhile now and thought I would share a few facts about me. 

1.My name is Jordyn.

2.    I’m 23 years old

3.     I live in Australia.

4.   My favourite movie is Forest Grump.

5.     Tom Hanks is my favourite actor – I try to watch all his films that come out in the movies.

6.     I love movies and music.

7.     I love food- my favourite indulgences are hot chips, ice cream, nachos, baked goods, burgers, croissants and chocolate.

8.     I’m 5’9 in height.

9.     My coffee order is either a latte, long macchiato topped up, cappuccino or ice latte.

10.  I have worn glasses since I was 10.

What is fact about you? Let me know :) 

Love Jordyn x

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    1. I am Bob from Oregon, USA. Facts about me are that I am passionate about the Oregon coast. I live for a good burger or teriyaki chicken. My wife and I call each other "shoe" as we feel like a pair of old shoes meant to be with each other. When I was younger my hobby was boxing. How's that?


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