May Favourites

Hi how’s it going?

I can't believe we are in June already, may went fast quickly.  I have been busy over the last few weeks starting my new job, trying to be more organise and having the flu wasn't fun.

These are my May favourites:

Changing face masks:
I mention in a previous post that I love doing a face mask on Sunday. I was using loreal clay mask and realised it wasn't working for my skin, so I decided to change it. I went to Priceline and picked up a rose hip clay mask.  It's only early weeks so I'll how it goes.

New Blush:

I recently bought a new product called true match L'oreal blush from priceline because it look pretty and the colour was gorgeous! It’s a blush, highlighter pack with a mirror and brush. I haven’t worn blush in a long time and looking forward to putting it on. 

Corn chips addiction:
It’s official! My new favourite indulgence is corn chips with hummus. I blame my addiction it  on my older sister for bringing them into out house (haha). I enjoy choosing a selection from either mission round, stripe or organic corn chips are so good but my favourite are these organice corn chips. I love when their salty oh so good and naughty!

5 seconds of Summer &  James Arthur:
I have recently been listening to 5 Seconds of Summer and James Arthur have been my go-to. I love listening to their new songs young blood and want you back especially young blood has become one of my favourites this year so goo!  The James Arthur album I have had playing a lot in my car.  

Getting back into the gym:

I have been slowly getting back into gym because I have been sick with the flu in the start of may. It’s hard getting back into excerise when you have been sick. I feel that you need to rest your body and start moving you feel better.

What are your May favourites?

Love Jordyn x

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