The Beauty of Notebooks

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How's it going?

One of the things I have always had from when I was in school was either a notebooks or a diary especially over the last few years of traveling or having the notes app on my phone to write down anything.

As I have started blogging I realized how important it is to write anything that's on my mind down. I have been doing this since high school where I would write my stories on the back of my notebooks that were meant for school work. More like during math's or religion class.

I would always write when the teacher was talking, it work a lot of the time but there were moments when I go caught. My friends knew I like to write but I only told about 3 people about the stories I was writing. I didn't like people knowing about it. 

I guessed I enjoyed it being my own thing to do without others knowing. 

Over time I would buy notebooks to write in, as my personal or travel diary like last year when I went away to Europe  on a contiki tour. I wrote everyday on the bus because I didn't want to forget anything about this trip and have it as a memory book to look back on.
That's the one thing I love about notebooks is that there always there to have when you want to write what your feeling or just get it off you chest. I'm getting back to my diary writing whether it's once a week or every two weeks. 

I recently bought these two notebooks from Typo. I love how creative they get with the notebooks I also have another one I use for my diary.
What notebooks do you like?
Leave me a comment below! Ill love to hear from you!


  1. I honestly love nothing more than a little notebook appreciation. Stationary is my absolute weakness :)

    Katie // Words by Katie

    1. Thanks Katie! I'm happy you like the post!


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