My Red Lipstick Love/Obession

Hi guys, how it's going?

Over the last couple of years I have been loving and obsessed (my sister says) with red lipstick. I discovered it when I saw singer Taylor Swift start wearing it and I thought I'll give it a go and have never look back since.

I recently counted my lipstick collection, when my sister asked how many lipsticks I have. I counted six red lipsticks which is enough for the next couple of years. Eek. My first red lipstick I got was Rimmel London  Apocalips , then I followed on with:

  • MAC Red lipstick
  • Maybelline Colour Drama intense lip pencil ( I thought it was a lip liner but I found out it was a lipstick made into an lip pencil)
  • Maybelline colour sensational bold matte: Mat6 lipstick
  • Rimmel London Katie 10 lipstick
  • Revlon Ravish Me Red lipstick.
All of these lipsticks have similar colours and to be honest I don't mind either way. If I like it I buy it. I think you should either ignore or break beauty rules if their are any with lipsticks.

Myself with the MAC Red lipstick on my 21st.
I feel confident when I wear red lipstick, gives me boost of confidence when I go out! When I apply it, I become obsessed making sure it's in placed but now I'm trying to let it go by not checking it many times.

Hope you enjoy this blog post. Let me know in the comments which lipstick your obsessed with or enjoy wearing?

Love June Robin x.


  1. Just found you blog through Bloglovin' - love it! Especially this post. I am obsessed with makeup as I'm sure you can tell from my blog. But I'm in need of some more red lipsticks badly! xx

    1. Hi! Thank you! I just looked at your blog it's very lovely! I can definitely tell you love make up :)


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