5 Lessons I'm Learning From Bloggers

Hi how’s it going?

I enjoy blogging as a hobbie and after reading countless articles of niche, motivation, growth etc I have decided to take my own time and try not to be hard on myself with not uploading a post or photo.

When I first discovered blogs the first ones were Uk bloggers Dizzy brunette and From Roses. I eventually found more blogs from around the world and my home town Perth through social media and youtube.

These blogs include More Than Adored, Inspiring wit, Shedoes, Lily Pebbles, The Anna Edit and A Girl Obsessed just to name a few. 

I have long list in Bloglovin that I try to conquer and read when I have time. These are the lessons I have been learning so far are:

1.    Growth and Time:
Every blogger you see that has been successful have all started by writing a blog. They   started out as an hobbie or school project. Their content on their blog became bolder, brighter and beautiful through their time of working hard and growing their skills.  

2.    Quality Over Quantity:
The quality over quantity quote for producing content is a lesson I have read time and time again from a few blogging tips post I have read. I myself believe that it's better to have a good written, edited and photo quality post.  

3.    Supporting and Helping Other Bloggers:
    When I first started joining twitter, Instagram etc. I noticed blogging group chats from around the world giving advice, sharing opinions, commenting and congratulating each other on their achievements. I found it less intimating when I started engaging with others. 
     I have found it very empowering that bloggers will go out of there way to do this and believe in passing on support. 

4.    Relatable content:
The one thing I see in other bloggers content is that they write a variety of real and relatable topics and issues. I believe being relatable is a key to their success and growing an audience. Being relatable is important to myself when it comes to blogging and writing. 

5.    Always learning and involving:
      No blogger is perfect. If people knew the time it takes to create one blog post I think their will be more understanding. This is always going to be something new to learn  that ranges from marketing, photography, organisation the list goes on...it's fantastic and yet so much information as well. 

There's are the five lessons I'm learning so far from bloggers! What are you learning?

Love Jordyn x

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