My February Favourites

Hi how’s it going?

We are almost at the end of February holy moly. I have had an busy month with work and social life. I’m ready to slow down and chill for abit. I need to catch up on Netflix I’m behind on Riverdale and the clips on YouTube are tempting to watch. Anyway here’s my favourites:

I, Tonya, Molly’s Game & Fifty Shades Freed:
I have seen a few good movies this month-yes even Fifty Shades Freed. I went to see I, Tonya and Molly’s Game which are female lead driven and based on true stories. The films both show their childhoods and how it leads to the main plot. 

Fifty shades freed yes everyone has opinions about this films. I actually enjoyed watching this film as it shown the Anastasia and Christin more of a married couple and less thinking about sex 24/7. It’s as well is more of a thriller.

Tea Tree Oil:
I read an article of Meghan Markle beauty products  (who hasn’t?) and read that she uses tea tree oil for pimples. I went to chemist warehouse and bought one. I had to apply the oil three times a day with a cotton bud and began to notice my breakouts slowly going away. I forgot a couple times to do it three times but their was no difference. 

Heartbreaker Miss Shop Shirt:
I recently fell back into one of my bad habits and spent money on clothes that I don’t need and bought a new t-shirt. I fully blame the clearance sale section at Myer. I told myself “no Jordyn no” and I couldn’t resistant.
I never thought I would a v-cut. shirt but I always been a sucker for the colour grey and worn the shirt on a night out with black skirt and boots.

Bobbi-Brown BB Cream:
I have been looking and trying out two different bb creams from Mecca since last year because I wanted a bb cream with sunscreen. I got two samples and tried both of the Bobbi Brown and Mecca Cosmetica bb creams. 
I found the Bobbi Brown cream to be the one I liked because it felt nice and light on my face and the coverage was for me, personally good.  
Regular Coffee Company & Swell Café:
I have been finding new cafes recently and found two new cafes near where I live. The Regular Coffee Company has recently opened and I went with mum.
Their coffee is good and strong and if you order a large coffee, they serve in these massive  wacky shaped white mugs that have a large handle. We had fun tackling and drinking from the mug. 
Swell café in Mullaloo  I went to for a friend’s birthday brunch. I had an huevos rancheros dish and extra shot ice latte. The food and coffee was lovely and we had a sick view of Mullaloo beach as it was a sunny day. 
 What are your February Favourites?
Love Jordyn x
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