Why We Love Mimco

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If  you have ever seen these bags either online or out in the streets in Australia, let me introduce you to one of my favourite brand Mimco. When I go out I see lots of women either carrying bag, wallet, phone case or wearing jewerelly from the brand.

This brand has a variety of products including bags, watches, shoes, jewerelly etc. One of the things that stand out about Mimco is it's variety of colours, prints and size. I enjoy going into the shop and browsing at the products.   
I’m lucky to been given a couple of bags and wallet as an gift. I borrow off my sister nude clutch all the time because I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t have one.

When I’m at the shops I see group of girls carrying mimco bags that are the same or similar to each other. I believe we shouldn’t have the same accessories as everyone else but we as women  can’t help but like the same things as each other.

The prices for these products are not a cheap price I will say that. One bag can go for fifty dollars and others have different prices. These products are a great gift idea for a special birthday like a 21st which you can split the cost between two or more people.

I think what I find stands out with Mimco is how everyone uses the products. We could use them to hold our cards and cash, take it out for special occasions or use for their everyday purse. I use mine for going out to dinner or night out with my friends. 

Do you have a Mimco bag? I would love to know what you have and use it for?
Love Jordyn x

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  1. Thanks for your review. Sounds like a bag for all our needs. :D


    1. Thank you for your comment! Oh yes its good and fits everything we need :) check out their website :)


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