My January Favourites

Hi, how's it going?

Hope everyone has had a good start to 2018! January always seems to be a good month for a lot of things Summer, Australia day, my birthday and the movies coming out this month.
It's been quite busy for me starting my new job. Here is what I loved in January:

Typo 2018 Diary

The Greatest Showman:
I love movies coming out on Boxing day and January. I wrote a list of movies I wanted to see in that was coming out this month. One of them was The Greatest Showman I saw with mum. I love musicals and this one was brilliant. The song This is Me is stuck in my head and I can’t stop playing it. I will definitely see it again. 
The Boxing day and New Year’s sales are awesome and addicting.  I bought a lot of stuff (mostly clothes) this year including a leather jacket I have wanted for years. I have never gone to the sales over the years until last years and the year before. I went this year to buy mum’s Christmas present she said to get after Christmas day. 
My shopping adventure lasted for three days… (don’t tell dad or check my bank account)
The Game Changer Book:
I had recently heard about this book recently because Meghan Markle had done an interview for the book. The book is filled with interviews of women in different industries and their secrets to their success. I had a quick read at the bookstore and thought it’s a great gift to give to someone. 
Avocado on Toast
I have just gotten onto the avocado on toast trend years later (lol). I have been eating avocado on toast for breakfast a lot this month. I add stacks of pepper and chili flakes so good!  I like having a variety of food to choose from to eat for breakfast because I was becoming bored.

Avocado Toast!

What are your January favourites this month? 
Love Jordyn x

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