5 Favourite Beauty Purchases of 2017

Hi, how's it going!
Happy New Year! Its 2018 (wow). Last year I wrote about my  personal view on beauty and decided to have my own approach. I had definitely expanded my beauty collection more last year. These five products I have either had for a while or have bought were the ones I use mostly during 2017.

Nude by Nature Highlighter:
This highlighter has become one of my favourite after I had a make-up done for a event and the make up artist put highlighter on my cheeks. I love the way it look on my cheeks and was sold to buy one.   I went into a pharmacy with my sisters and bought the nude by nature highlighter in champagne. I now use every time  in my make-up routine on a night out. 
Urban Decay 16 hour Setting Spray:
I have heard a lot about this product through my friends. I recently went to a ball and gotten my make-up done at Mecca. The make-up artists spray it on after she done and I knew I wanted it. I went in a few weeks later and bought the travel size. It easy to use after 3-4 sprays and your done.  

Translucent Powder: 
I have had this product for a couple of years now and have  use it to after I apply my red lipstick to make it stay on a night out. I use a blush brush, place a split tissue and dab it across. I bought the Australis powder and glad I did.

Nars Audrey Lipstick:
I got two of my favourite beauty purchases from Mecca. I recently wore and bought this lipstick to the same ball and like the colour of the shade. It’s a dark purple colour which I have never worn before and I actually like it. 

Hourglass eyebrow pencil:
This eyebrow pencil set has changed my life-why? It has eyebrow shade on one end and a brush on the other. It’s the best thing to happen to me and I’m glad I bought it. I love how the brow shadow is angled to make filling in your brows easier.  The eyebrow pencil was used for my eyebrows for the ball and it was awesome.
What are yours favourite beauty purchases from last year?

Love Jordyn x.
P.S The setting spray was brought after these photos for taken (sorry x)

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  1. I have been looking for an eyebrow pencil and I think you've convinced me to try this one out! Honestly, I have such a trouble with them and it sounds like this pencil is super easy to use! Thanks for the recommendations!

    GG | www.girlingamba.com

    1. It's honestly the best thing I have found when it comes to eyebrow pencil. Its around $30 at Mecca. Depending where you live you get in online.


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