5 Lessons Learnt From Capture Your Style

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This year one of my goal's was to improve my photography for my blog and Instagram (hopefully). When I heard that Aimee Song (who videos I have watch a few times) had a book about Instagram and photography I decided buy it. I have learnt five helpful lessons from reading this book:

1.       Helpful, practical and easy advice:
I was surprised by how helpful, the advice she wrote on every chapter was. I found the advice practical  and easy to follow. I love how detailed and beautiful the pictures are in the book.  

2.       Encouragement to be different and not follow the cliché: 
One of my favourite pieces of advice I took away from her book was to try and avoid the Instagram cliché. In the book she writes about how we have all taken a one or many cliché pictures you see on Instagram, which is okay to do but we should think outside the box. 

3.       Write a mission statement:
On page 41 in her book she  says to write a mission statement and what you aim to do with for your Instagram account. I have been confused throughout the year what to I aim to do so I immediately wrote my mission statement and has helped me think clearer and work for my goal for my account. 

4.       Social media growth takes time:
On chapter 4 on her book she discuss social media growth and sticking to your mission statement. It shouldn't always be about growing and gaining followers but also engaging with others on Instagram. I myself have been trying to engage with bloggers by  leaving comments and asking advice in which they have responded. 

It  has been refreshing to see that it shouldn’t be about how many followers you can get but the important of engagement as well. If you work for it, the followers will come. 

5.       She writes the book like she talking to you as friend:
One of my favourite things about the  style of writing in this book is she writes it in a way like she is talking to as a friend rather than demanding what you should do with your Instagram  and photography (if that makes sense).

I’m looking forward to using her book to inspire myself in getting creative with taking photos and using them for my blog and Instagram. I would recommend getting this book for bloggers and everyone else. 

What books have you been reading?

Love Jordyn x.

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