My Personal View on Beauty

Hi all, how's it going?

I'm 22 and have learnt about a lot everything- body, diet, fashion and beauty. I wasn't into beauty as a teenager and I didn't start wearing make-up until I was 16-17. As I got older I became more interested in trying out beauty products and looks.

First make up product:
My first make up product was a Lauren Anne face powder I bought from a women's expo. I remember how I put it on using the big face brush.

First time having professional make up done:
The first time I got my make up done I believe was my 12 year ball. I remember asking the make up artist what were good beauty products to use and she said "whatever works for you".

That is the best piece of advice I think of when looking at beauty.

First lipstick:
My mum has always worn lipstick, I wear lipstick which I prefer over lip gloss. My first lipstick was a skin tone Revlon lipstick. I still have it along with a small collection of lipstick I have made over the last couple of years. The collection  includes Mac, Maybelline, Napoleon Perdis,  Revlon.

My go-to make up looks:
After ups and downs of using make up I have found my go-to looks for day and night:

Night out:
Nars tinted moisturer, primer, concealer, mascara, highlighter, a red or a bold colour lip with lip liner.

Day look:
No make-up, just sunscreen with sometimes concealer or mascara.

 I was once having a bad skin day, putting my make up to go out and my skin was just not having it. I didn't like how my skin was looking and decided to take it all off. I honestly felt better and instead I put on concealer, mascara and lipstick.

My personal view on beauty is finding what works for you, giving it go and if you enjoy it go for it!

What's you personal view on beauty?

Love Jordyn x

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