The Places I Have Been & Want To Go

Hi, how's it going?

I love to travel, two years ago I went Europe for the first time on a Contiki tour and had previously  traveled to Bali, America, Bali (again). I didn't want to leave Europe, as our tour ended in Paris (beautiful city) but I was eagered to come back. I'm sharing the places I have been and want to go.

First time travel:
The first time I travelled out of the country was when I was sixteen to Bali with my friend and it was fun but I got heatstroke on the first day and dealt with it through the week. Lesson learn: Wear sunscreen all the time.

Second time around:
After my first overseas trip I went to America for my sisters netball tournament in Orlando, Florida. We went to all the theme parks in Universal and Disney ( childhood dream come true), we stayed on to head to Washington D.C and New York for another two weeks. It was amazing!

One of my dreams when I was a little girl  was to go to Italy! I hadn't planned on going to Europe  so soon at 20 years old but I did when my twin sister said "Come to Europe with me" and there I was on plane heading to London to start our tour!

My dream came true when we arrived in Italy. I loved the food and the gelato! Bloody amazing ice cream! We ended our tour in Paris which was beautiful but sad to say good-bye to our European whirl (our tour name).

After returning I wanted to go back badly and travel more. It's a definite must for the future here is  a list of places I want to go to:

Europe-Everywhere again if possible!
Coastal Europe- Greece, Croatia, Spain,
America- California, New Orleans, Florida & New York!
New Zealand- Extreme sports here we come!

I feel the list is going to get longer!

Where have you been or want to go to?

Love Jordyn x.

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