Mid-Year Goal Review 2017

Hi all, how's it going?

This year I decided to set goals for the first time (you can read the post here). I lack motivation a lot so I thought it will be a good idea for myself to set them.

This year has gone by fast we are now in August (what?). Here is how I have been doing (pssh it's a long one)

 Create a consistency routine with blog posts.
Let's just say I haven't done well with the consistency aspect of my first blogging goal but I believe I have done well to keep up. I understand why I haven't been keeping up, due to my lack of motivation but I have decided to aim for one blog  post a week at least so I don't put pressure on myself like I used to. 

Write blog posts of what I know aka finding my niche:
Finding my blogging niche has been a good  experience for me because I have been comparing which blog posts has had more views and has me thinking about what I type of blog posts I should so more of. But I still want to try out new things though.
Improve my photography.
My photography skills has massively improved. I have been working on flat lays over the last couple of months with a couple of them have gotten a few likes on my Instagram which is a good achievement. I have research tips and tricks thanks to google and YouTube videos. I'm aiming to do shoot some fashion posts :)

Get a job:
Lets just say nothing happening on that front.

Re-decorate my room

I have added photo frames to my bedroom and would like to make a photo board of some sort because I think they are really cool and my sister has one in her room.

Maintain and continue doing my hobbies:

My hobbies are a variety including: baking, cooking, exercising, watching movies, reading, listening to music. The list can go one, but on the positive I have been reading more books over the last month which I have found relaxing. The local library has become a regular place for me now.

How are your goals going?

Love Jordyn x

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  1. i've been trying to read more books too this year, i managed to make my way through tons on holiday but have been proper slacking since being back at work, doh! what've you been reading? any recommendations!?

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

    1. Hi Katie,
      Thank you for your comment! I have been reading:
      Nora Roberts books- The Inn BoonsBore trilogy (All her books are good! She creats her female characters to be indepdent and strong!)
      Big Little Lies- Liane Moriatory
      The Zookeeper wife- Diane Ackerman


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