What I have been loving recently..

Hi, how' it going?
I have been sick over the recent month with a sinus infection. I have been getting back into a normal routine slowly but it's still hard to recover from being sick. So moving on, I thought I will share the few things I have been loving recently!
I have become more excited and invested in Netflix. It’s the only TV I watch actually beside the news. The shows I'm watching are Girl boss, Riverdale, Narcos, Audrie and Darcy. I just  remembered as I write this post  I need to catch on Peaky blinders season 2 and 3 before season 4 comes. I'm getting excited! 
I have been reading more  recently because I have been wanting to get back into it. The books I have read are by female authors- Nora Roberts, Jojo Moyes etc. I have always read books by female authors then male authors. I’m eagered to read more books of those authors.

I recently purchase a Marie Claire magazine which I haven't done in a long time. I used to read Total girl magazines when I was eight to thirteen. I bought because I had seen Beauty and the Beast movie twice and wanted to read the Emma Watson article.
New Handbag:
I recently purchase a new handbag! It was my mission to find one over the last few months. I wanted a bag with a strap with two handles so I can carry or put it on my shoulder. The bag has a medium space that will fit in all my space including a notebook and pen!
Plant base meals:
I have been experimenting with cooking plant base meals as of recently. I have been using Deliciously Ella cookbook which I actually gave to my older sister for Christmas. I have so far made the warm winter bowls and spice sweet potato stew! I'm looking forward to making more of her recipes, sweet potato brownies anyone?

What have you been loving recently?

Love Jordyn x

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