Essential Baking Cookbook Review

Hi, how's it going?

If your lover of baking like myself, every time I go into a bookstore I go straight to the cooking and baking section. Their have been so many cookbooks that have been published this year and the numbers are growing. 

I was given the Essential Baking book as a birthday gift and have been using it ever since. The book is a everything to know about baking (just like the title essential) with recipes that have a variety of sweet and savoury.

Every chapter is divided into different baking treats- cakes, muffins, breads, pastries etc.  The chapter gives a detail description about each treat, how to cook, modifying recipes etc.

The book is filled with clear and well written method with beautiful pictures that are give myself inspiration material (wink wink).

I have made a few recipes from this book including- apple and cinnamon muffins, banana bread, afghans, blueberry muffins. I believe it's a good book to buy because with 200 recipes and easy method to follow it a bible for all bakers or first time bakers.

Do you have any good baking cookbooks?

Love Jordyn x

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