Friday Food File: Finding New Eating Places

Hi, all how's it going?

Have you ever become bored of going to the same places to eat and drink for a catch up with family or friends? Not because the food or service isn't great but you want a change of scenery, explore a different area of your city or try something new food or drink wise.

Here are some ways to find new eating then I have ideas of where you can find new eating places:

Instagram Accounts:
Now days, cafes and restaurants are creating Instagram accounts to promote their business and get customers into their places.  I follow Breakfast in Perth and the Breakfast Confidential accounts because I love and enjoy going out for breakfast around Perth.

These are other café accounts I follow that are worth checking out:
Little h

Ask around:
Word of mouth is powerful and useful. I ask family and friends a lot about  new places to go out to eat, it never what type of cuisine no matter. When I'm talking to others for example at the gym if were having a conversation about the restaurants or cafes I quickly write down or research the places they talk about.

Exploring and walking around a new area in your city, is a great way to find new places as well. I enjoy exploring the Leederville, Subiaco and Victoria Park area recently. I found cafes driving by that I'm looking forward to visiting.

It's cool to see what inner suburbs have to offer, it's nice to go to a place somewhere that's not busy.

How to do you find new eating places?

Love Jordyn x

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