My Autumn/Winter Clothes Picks

Hi, how's it going?
Whenever the city I live makes up its mind about the weather, I can’t wait! Living in Perth the situation with the weather is one day a sunny day, the next a cloudy rainy day.
Anyway with the end of summer and spring comes winter and autumn. It's not my favourite weather but its means warmer clothes and recently I have bought new items and  which was excellent to wear for this weather.

Here are my clothes picks

pssh: there is a lot of black, I do wear other colours.

High Waisted Jeans:
Last year I bought my first high waisted jeans and fell in love. I bought another pair recently that I had missed out on last year because they were sold out. I’m happy I bought the jeans before they sold out again.


Yes, boots have become one of my favourite pair of shoes over the last two years for the cold season. I have always tend go for sneakers or sandals. After pulling out a pair of boots I bought years back I started wearing it with jeans and I enjoy the extra height even though I’m 5’9.
Bexar Buckle Boot
Leather Jacket:
I have wanted a leather jacket for years now but never found one that I like. This year it’s my mission to get a leather jacket. I think they give a edge and works with everything.  I have looked at different shops and seen the different style real or not real leather material. A lovely girl on my contiki tour had the leather jacket I wanted. I knew straight away it was from Topshop. 

Long Sleeve Bodysuit:
I'm going to be honest, I didn't like bodysuits in the beginning. I didn't get the point, until I told myself to try it on in a shop one day and- now I like them more. The fact their is a variety in colours and sleeve length is good, because you can wear one for all occasions. Even if you prefer a crop long sleeve top it's awesome!


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What are your winter/autumn picks?

Love Jordyn x

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  1. Loving these picks! All great choices! I have a tonne of style inspo on my blog so I love reading others top picks for more inspiration! Robyn xo

    1. Thank you Robyn, you are very kind! Yes that's what I do to :) Thank you for taking the time to write a lovely comment!


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