How To Take Good Polaroid Pics

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I truly love polaroid pictures, over the last year I have been learning how to take good photos. I think polaroid are rare thing because if you lose it, it's gone for good. Here are the tips I have learnt:

When taking a photo angle the camera within  arms length, try your best to keep it straight, slightly high. When its at this angle you can take a selfie or a group photo with two if your lucky three people.

Set the scene:
When its come to the setting on the camera, I have learnt one good tip.

Get away from the light!

I have taken pictures with the light nearby and the photo has turn out with a bright spot on the film. Turning your back or moving away from any light helps.If you want a picture in the sun try not to be near the sun.

Take it everywhere:
In the beginning when I had a polaroid camera I wouldn't take it anywhere, but now I take it on holidays and days out with family to capture moments with everyone.

I always have lots of fun taking polaroid pictures, on new years eve especially last year because I took heaps.

There something special and rare about them, once you take it, there's only one and if you lose it it's gone.

What are you tips for taking polaroid pics?

Love Jordyn x

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