Friday Food File: Easy Tips To Start Baking

Hi, how's it going?

As I spoke in my previous post about starting to cook, baking is definitely the same in the  daunting situation. There is still the a different variety you can bake- cakes, cookies, slices, pies etc but a lot sweeter and spice.

Here I have come with another post of easy tips this time baking!

Measure out ingredients:
The first thing you should do is measure out every ingredient  on the ingredient list before baking. This will make baking easier so your not doing everything at once.

Example: if a recipe says eggs lightly beaten- crack the egg into separate bowl and whisked. It's quite simple.

Read the recipe carefully:
When I'm finding a new baking recipe or reading through my baking book I read the recipe carefully. It's good to read  to check if you don't have a certain item or type of method you haven't done.

Form a routine:
When you have the ingredients ready to go, read the recipe get into forming your own baking routine. Make the routine simple:

Preheat oven, measure ingredients, bake and place in the oven, clean dishes, make icing etc.

Don't overthink:
When it comes to decorating, you don't need to overthink it needs to be perfect have fun!

What are your baking tips?

Love Jordyn x

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