Finding Good Sales

Hi, how’s it going?
We all love a good bargain. Finding what we want or need without  having to pay a lot of money is a good feeling. There are always sales going on throughout the year.

I have always seem to find  bargains on clothes I want that are reduce or that I thought weren't on sale but were. The clothes I buy are not always what I go for but when I try it on I fall in love with it.

I supposedly get lucky sometimes while I'm out shopping to find clothes that I like at a good price, which isn't often.

I  below have come up with ways or tips I have used to find good bargains:

Head to the local Boutiques:
Yes! Local clothing boutiques may have sales you don’t know about because the big retail stores are easier to go to. These boutiques will have a variety of different brands, style and colour you may haven't seen before. You will  also be supporting the local community!

In between sales:
Visit your favourite shops in between the seasonal sales, I have bought my favourite clothes in between sales. I have lost count of how many times I found clothes down from $100 to $60 then $40.

Sales racks
I believe a good buy is in the sales racks, not only are for the low prices but with the variety of clothes that have been put onto one rack. The racks will give you a chance to find clothes you may have wanted to buy but couldn't due to any reason-sold out, didn't have enough money etc. 

Anyway if you see it, want it, try and buy!

What are your tips for finding good sales?

Love Jordyn x.

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