Friday Food File: Nachos

Hi guys, how it going?

If your a lover of Mexican food  like me and love nachos then I have a easy recipe for you all to have as a Friday night dinner. It's pretty simple and easy to make.

Friday Food File: Nachos

1-2 handfuls of shredded cooked chicken
1-2 bags of corn chips of choice.
1 can of mild/medium salsa.
 Handful of mozzarella cheese
Optional Ingredients: black beans, jalapenos, sauté onion and capsicum.

1. Tear chicken off into shreds and put into a mixing bowl.
2. Put salsa in and mix in with the chicken.
3.Lay out corn chips onto the tray
4. spoon out the chicken and salsa mix on the chips.
5. Put after handful of mozzarella cheese over the corn chips and salsa mix.
6. Place into the oven at 180c for 10-15 mins or until cheese is brown.

Then serve with sour cream or any sauce you like!


Love Jordyn x

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