5 Ways of Giving Back

Hi all, how's it going?

Happy Valentines Day! If you celebrate this day with your partner or you don't like this day it's a day people love or hate. I believe that giving back is another way of showing love to others- I have come to realize that at the age of 22. 

Here are five of the ways you can give back:

Volunteer/Giving a hand:
Volunteering it's a awesome way to give back, whether its helping out a local community event or helping a friend out. I,myself have participate in community events during my event management studies as well as helping my sister moved houses.

Give blood:
Giving blood or the idea of it is scary for some. I have been a regular blood donor since I was sixteen but haven't this year due my iron levels. It's pretty easy to contact your local blood donation centre and book a appointment. The place I go to are lovely ladies, you receive food and drinks-I mean good food, chocolate chip cookie anyone?!

Send a message:
If you have a friend or family member that is going through a hard time or has been busy with life. I think sending them a text, email or letter is a lovely way to say your thinking of them, so they know their not alone.

Donate clothes:
Donating clothes that you don't wear or in good condition is a great way of giving back, I do this regularly and find joy giving back. . Set a day to clear out your wardrobe, wash the clothes and head to your local charity place either salvation army or St Vinnie's. The feeling that there is always someone that would need clothes more than I wear them is a good feeling

Spread kindness:
Similar to sending a message, I believe spreading kindness is a excellent way to give back that can be done everyday or spare of the moment. Whether it's opening a door for a stranger or posting a positive quote on social media its important now than ever to spread kindness to others.

What do you do to give back?

Love Jordyn x

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