Summer Loving Days

Hi, how's it going?

Its finally summer! Summer is my favourite season of the year because  it's not only my birthday but I feel we can do plenty of fun things with friends and family. Here's what I love about Summer:

Swimming in the ocean:
I love swimming, ever since I was little. When it's a hot day, I enjoy heading to the beach and going for a dip. I love seeing the water a gorgeous blue colour and calm.

Swimming in the ocean

Coastal walks:
What I like to do with my mum or sister, is get up early and go for a walk along the coast. If it's going to be a hot day, I enjoy going for a dip after. It's nice to see the beaches in the morning as well.

Ice Coffee/Latte:
The thing I drink a lot in the summer is either a ice coffee or latte. When it's hot and I'm at café (depending where I am), I ask for a ice latte or ice coffee with ice cream. It depends what I feel like having.

Ice Coffee

Ice Cream:
Yes, ice cream is the best sweet treat to have in the summer. There are many ice cream places around the beach so it isn't had to get one. I recently discovered ben and jerry's and connoisseur ice cream. Oh my god they are delicious- my favourite are the cookies and cream flavours!

I love a barbecue, either at home or next to the beach. The parks next to the beach are great to have because you can go for a swim late afternoon, cook the bbq and relax. It's a joy, after a hot day.

What do you love about summer?

Love Jordyn x.

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