Planning The Year Ahead

Hi, how's it going?

The beginning of 2017 is here and that means putting our plans, resolutions, goals for the year as well as getting back to normal weekly life begins. I thought I would share the things I do every year to plan and get into gear for the new year:

Use a diary:
Every year I buy a new diary, I have previously written a post about 2017 Diaries. Choose a diary that you like whether it's one with a quote or simple black one. If your not a paper diary person, you  can always use the calendar app on your iphone.

Write down important dates:
If you have a important event coming up in the year or make last minute plans with  friends write it all down including birthdays as well, to ensure you don't forget. I go through my diary and put down all the birthdays for my friends and family.

Weekly Check
Once I have put down those dates, I got through my diary  at the start of the week and see what I have coming up. I also write a list of things to do

This year I'm going to write my blog posts down so I can keep on track and plan ahead for future blog posts.

What are your tips to planning ahead for this year?

Love Jordyn x.


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