2017: The Year I Set Goals For The First Time:

Hi, how’s it going?
As 2016 begins to end, I have been asked thoughout the last month what are my one, five year life plan is. To be honest I don’t have a life plan, but it has got myself thinking about setting goals for myself.

I have never set goals nor stick to new years resolution because I feel they can be a burden. I never been motivated to set goals before because, I never really understood the goal setting thing.

Then I realize from the advice I have been given or movies I watched have inspired myself that you should live your life.

This year I have decided to begin writing my goals for the upcoming year blogging and life wise. I have written three goals for each, here they are: 

2017 Blog goals:
1. Create a consistency routine with blog posts.
2. Write blog posts of what I know aka finding my niche  
3. Improve my photography.

2017 Life goals:
1. Get a job

2. Re-decorate my room

3. Maintain and continue doing my hobbies.  

These goals I have come up are not as  

I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to 2016, this year has had it ups and downs. I'm getting ready to work towards my goals my life and blogging.

What are your goals for 2017? I would love to know!

Happy New Year!

2017: The Year I Set Goals For The First Time

Love Jordyn.


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