Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Hi, how's it going?

It's nearly, the countdown to Christmas is nearing the end. I have come up with a last minute Christmas gift guide for everyone. These gifts I have form

Gold Class Movie Voucher:
Gold class movie vouchers are great gift to give to anyone. Who doesn't love movies? It's an easy and affordable gift purchase, were you can split with someone. Gold class cinema is a luxury experience  to watch movies.

Peter Alexander Pyjamas:
Pyjamas! Their are always a great gift to give someone. Peter Alexander always have a great selection from their collections they launch throughout 2016. Their Christmas crackers pyjamas shorts is a ideal gift to give to someone.

Chocolate Stocking:
Chocolate stockings are lovely things to get and with the variety they this year it would be hard not to keep it for yourself! There is always the good old dairy milk or malteser chocolate stocking, this year they have expanded it to frozen and marvel superheroes. The choice is endless.

What are some of the gifts you getting for your loved ones last minute? I would love to know :)

Love Jordyn x


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