These 3 Coffee Places

Hi, how's it going?

I love coffee.It's a fact. I can't start my day without a strong cup of it.I even have a but first coffee pyjama shirt from Victoria secret. Whenever I go out to either to do errands or hang out with family, I like to stop for a coffee- usual my second one I know it's abit bad.

Depending what I feel like having-my usual order is either a skim latte, cappuccino or ice coffee. The places I make a visit to are near my favourite  hangout or  places.

Jet Espresso
Where: North Perth:
This lovely café in North Perth has become a favourite place of mine. They not only have a range of   hot and cold drinks. But their iced coffee is the bomb! Their carrot cake is a definite must try.  

Little Sisto Café
Where: Double view
This small  and trendy café I recently visited for a late Sunday afternoon coffee and brunch was a place I hadn't been before. It definitely a place to try out if your in the area.

96 Degrees Café
Where: North Beach
This recently open  new café in North Beach is one to look out for. They served healthy treats and good coffee. Their location is nearthe beach which makes it even better to grab a coffee and walk down to the beach.

These three cafes all lovely customer service as well as text your coffee order system.

What are the places you head to for coffee? I would love to hear from you.

Love Jordyn x.


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