My Winter Essentials Part 2 Fashion

Hi all, how's it going?

This is part two of my winter essentials post. When winter comes around I always wear the same pieces of clothes and these are the few staples that I basically live in during the winter.

Every winter I always have a cardigan/ jumper that I wear constantly. I think there perfect for everyday wear or night ware because their easy to put on and keep myself warm. I usually buy them from Dotti as they always have a great selection. This one in the photos is my favourite.

Black jeans
Black jeans are my favourite jeans to wear during the winter, I recently got into high waist jeans and have been wearing them every time I go out. These jeans are comfortable and fit me well which is great for high waisted jeans.

Long jacket
I purchased this long jacket at Dotti a couple of years ago, after I saw it online. I  have worn it every winter and honestly throughout the year when it gets chilly. I love everything about it and it goes with a lot of my winter wardrobe.

I would wear sneakers over heels especially in the winter. I wear them pretty much every time I'm at of the house. My white converse are my favourite sneakers, which I is the only sneaker I wear most of the time.

Hope you enjoyed the this blog post!
Love June Robin


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