My Winter Essentials Part 1 Beauty

Hi all, how's it going?

It's winter time in Perth right now and to be honest I prefer summer over winter because I don't like being cold but I can put with up if I'm wraped up in my trackies and jumper! The downside of winter is that because my skin becomes dry on my hands and lips which ignores me alot.

Anyways I thought I would share  beauty essentials that I constantly use during the winter for my skin to get through the cold months.

1. Lip Balm:
I cannot leave the house without lip balm at all, because I get dry lips and I don't like getting dry lips at all. I recently bought Burt Bees lip balm which is nice and smoothing with the peppermint flavour it has, which is different for me but I like it a lot.

Moisturer will always be the one essential I will always need. I moisture more in the winter than I do in the summer. I moisture every night before bed. I use the sorbelene moisturiser. I have a bottle in my room and as well one in my bathroom which I share with my sister.

Over the last year I have been exfoliating my skin with the St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub once a week as part of my skin care routine and have notices a difference on my face. This has helped my skin  feel better than it ever felt since I change my skin care routine in the beginning of the year.

4.Concealer :
I will always need concealer as one of my all time essentials especially in winter because the bags under my eyes are just hard to conceal no matter what. I find it easy and simple to cover up spots on my skin to give my face a break from a wearing full face of make up and just let it breath. I have been using the Maybelline concealer as of recently.

5.Face Mask:
I have started to use the Neutrogena Rapid Clear face mask product because when I fee like my face has had a lot of make up on during the weekend I like to put the mask on to make my face feel fresh. I only do it once every few weeks.

Those are my winter beauty essentials, stay tune for part 2 of this blog post!

Let me know in the comments what essentials you have to get through the winter?

Love June Robin x


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