How to be adventurous

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Over the last couple of  years I have become a adventurous person which I never expect to be. It started when a friend of mine asked me over snapchat to be her skydiving buddy. I said YES! Never would I thought I would be doing it so soon, it was on my bucket list but I was like stuff it lets do it!

Before skydiving  I did white water rafting in (with a hungover) and paragliding in Europe months before. Then this year my adventure buddy and I did the ROC race obstacle course (so much fun) and Miss Muddy. Miss Muddy was cold because we had carry tyres, climb over walls and slide down water slides. Then put it together  with mud, cold water and colour sprayed onto us. I had mud and sand everywhere and it took a week to get it out of my hair!  The atmosphere was awesome and empowering as it as a all women event. It was okay to fall over or need help because the other ladies would help you up. The best part about it was all the money was going to the McGrath foundation. They even gave you a medal after the race! 

I have had so much fun doing these adventurous things and now I'm motivated to do more activities like these as they are really fun and give a adrenaline rush. I have diving with sharks on my list next with other things. I have come up with a few tips on how to be adventurous
whether it's big or small:

Do it with a friend!
Having a friend doing adventurous activities with you makes it easier to not be nervous and it's better to have company. If you have a friend that wants to do fun activities or ask around you never know what might happen. Once you got a friend, try to encourage others.

Research what you want to do:
Discuss and research adventurous activities, you don't have to do skydiving straight away you can look up the following in your local area:
  • Fitness events- fun runs or walks
  • Obstacle courses
  • Cooking or baking courses
  • Water sports
  • Art events.
My last tip:

My adventure buddy and I with our medals after Miss Muddy event.

What do you do to become adventurous? Let me know in the comments I would love to hear from you!

Love June Robin x.


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