3 Cafes I Ate in Sydney

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Before I went to Sydney last year, I spent months looking up cafes and restaurants to go to for every meal. I put in the names, location, cuisine of the places in a excel spreadsheet.

I loved the food in Sydney and here are a few things I learnt:
  • You get your money worth in food.
  • It comes with not one but two slices of bread with breakfast.
  • Portion sizes is pretty decent. 
These are the three cafes we went to that were in Surry Hills and Bondi:

Joe's Black Cafe:
We went to this cafe that was up the street from our hotel on a early rainy Sunday morning. I had vegetable omelette with feta that came with two big pieces of toast which you don't get in Perth. I rarely eat omelettes but this was really filling.

Beach Burrito Bondi:
When I found this place online I told my friend we had to go there to when we head to Bondi. We went there on a Saturday and we ate burritos with frozen margaritas. The burritos came with corn chips and guacamole.

The Basket Brothers:
This cafe was a surprise place we loved during our trip and visited twice. The two times we went there was for lunch and dinner. We had steak sandwich and omelette for lunch and for breakfast we both had vegetarian and meat big breakfast as our last meal in Sydney.

What cafes did or have you ate in Sydney?

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