Two books I believe girls should read/have.

Hi all, how's it going?

This month I have been thinking about how I have grown up over the last four years from being a teenager to being into my 20s. I have always had family and friends to go to for advice when I needed to.

Then I remembered I have these two books that helped me get through puberty and being a teenager. I'm now in my 20's I have being reading them for reassurance about anything that's on my mind.

These twos books Girl Stuff and Women Stuff by Kaz Cooke were like a bible to myself growing up and dealing with everything from body, mind friendship, mental health etc. Even now I have been look through it and so have my friends.

What I love about these books is it's filled with information about everything to do with young girls and women. Their is a discussion page of women  sharing their own opinion and thoughts of the topic. I think it's great their are books like these at there to have as guide for us young girls and women.

What books did you have to help or guide growing up? I would love to know, let me know in the comments!
Love June Robin


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