3 Tips For A Busy Life

Hey, how's it going?

We are all busy, one way or another. This year for me I have been working and managing three jobs. It's not a shock because I have always been multi-tasking work, school and volunteering.

The idea for this post came to me on the way to work on a Saturday morning and wrote it after the work on the train. The tips I have used to manage being busy:  

Get a diary:
It’s one simple and useful thing I have and use to write upcoming work shifts, events, appointments etc. I have my diary open on my dressing table and look out it on Sunday to see what’s on during the week. 
 I have also been trying more to use the calendar app on my phone 

Plan lunches & outfits:
I lay my uniform out the night before on my desk- pants, top, jumper even the bra. It work’s wonders because I’m saving time and I wake up at 6.10am for one job. 

I believe when I plan and laying out your outfit the night before I go to bed it makes my morning personally easy instead of having to go through my wardrobe at 6.45 in the morning to find my uniform. 

When it comes to lunches same deal, I find and cook a recipe for example a stew and even it out into containers. If I don’t have time or forget I make a sandwich or put leftovers together. 

Practice doing it once and see how you go! 

Stay hydrated:
I’m constantly drinking water especially when I’m busy at work. I carry a water bottle with me all the time. It’s important for me to stay hydrated I can’t go without water for like half an hour as or I start to feel stressed. 

I don’t drink soft or energy drinks. I find if I’m hydrated I’m more calm and can handle busy days. 

I also feel it’s important to take a deep breath every once in when your busy to calm yourself and remember the busy times will past.

What are your tips for a busy life?

Love Jordyn 

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  1. Love your tips, I am all about being organised too. Love setting my diary up for the week ahead super helpful.


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