Treasures In The Op Shops

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A few weeks well now months ago I was in an st Vinnie store in Mt hawthorn after lunch with my mum and aunty having a browse. 

I scanned through the ranks of clothes and came across this navy blue long sleeve wool dress that was in my size, down from $20 to $10 and queue the drumroll...From ASOS!

 I was honestly shocked to see it was from the online store as I kept checking the tag a few times. It's a good dress for winter that I could and have worn with my white converse and jacket. 

Dress Pic

I have had a few conversation's between my friends and other people about what they find at the op shops. The other things we found are: 

Oversized jackets:
I have a couple of these one of them is denim thanks to my sister, the oversized jackets are great just to throw over anything. I found a big red puffy jacket at a op shop in Margaret river last year now  I have to find the time to wear it.

Dress pic
dress pic

Believe me when I say this, is that I saw an just jeans maxi dress at a Salvation Army store. It looked brand new and never been worn. I haven't look at the dresses rack as much at the op store.

Outfits for work/life: 
I was having a conversation with a couple of ladies a few weeks ago and we were talking about op shops. One of the ladies said her entire work outfit she was wearing which was a poker dot top and black pants were all from the op shop. Bargain! 

It’s still surprises me that I find clothes from David Lawrence, Just Jeans, ASOS in the op shop that are still in good quality or probably haven't been worn (the tag still on). The positive thing is that they are donating clothes to charity and those clothes will be worn again by someone else. 

What treasures have you found at the op shop?

Love Jordyn x

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  1. Such a cute outfit, I adore the dress with the jacket! I love thrifting all kinds of things but especially clothes, I recently found a gorgeous Fat Face dress in my local shop, it's so much fun :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

    1. Thank you so much! Op shops or thrift shops are becoming popular now :) I would love to follow you!


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