Artist I'm loving: Alessia Cara

                                                     I ask myself, what am I doing here?
Hi how's it going?
If you have heard the first line of this blog , then you would know which female music artist I'm loving at the moment. I first heard her song "Here" on the radio and kept hearing it from there.
Then I YouTube her music and now her new song "Wild things" is one of my new favourite songs this month. So far my favourite songs from her are:

"I'm Yours-
 A song about a girl breaking down her walls for a guy who she thought was the same but wasn't but did just for him. My favourite lyric line in the song is:

"But I torn down my walls, made room for one, baby I'm yours.

The first song I heard from her is a easy relatable song that I wish was out when I was in high school.  My favourite line

"Oh god what am I doing here"


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